Through rigorous testing & dedication we build products that spread aggregate at lower and safer speeds.

The original GT Spreader was designed and created out of a need to spread aggregate at lower speeds through residential areas safely without the need of a cross dump trailer or a grader to level gravel immediately following.

Since then our constant drive for improvement and innovation led us to the Stinger Blade. Through relentless testing and R&D we have made it lighter, stronger, and it truly out performs anything on the market while still looking good.

It makes a bad driver good and a great driver awesome and most of all, makes your operation capable of so much more! Keep your overhead and your expenses down with a Stinger Blade and win the job; The road deserves better!

Saves time and  expenses by eliminating the need for a bulldozer or grader sitting idle to spread and level.

Get the call back for gravel that you deserve.

It makes a bad driver good

and a great driver awesome and most of all, makes your operation capable of so much more!

The Stinger Blade bolts to any trailer with an existing bolt on push block leave a very simple weld on mounting plate.

  • Limited 2-year warranty against manufacturers defects.
  • Durable Powder coat finish
  • All of the necessary hardware and plumbing for mounting.
  • Standard Colors and Custom Colors available, we can match your company color scheme
  • DOT Compliant
  • Adaptable for Pup trailers
  • Mounting plates specifically designed for any trailer on the market, new or old

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DWM products & Diversified Welding Inc

The Stinger Blade was invented by the professionals at DWM Products, from engineering and design to shipping to its final dealer. The construction of each blade is supervised by the experts who created the first prototype to the ones being utilized today. We don’t make claims we let the product speak for itself. Don’t settle for imitation.


 Innovation in the making.


Contact us at 311 21 st Street Northwest, West Fargo ND

Contact us at 855-200- 9440 and 701-478-9440.

Contact us at [email protected].

Proudly built by sister company Diversified Welding Inc in West Fargo ND

Finance options available thru Kinetic Leasing.

Made with quality domestic steel and components by a full service fabricator Certified and professional quality welders. We are in control from start to finish to insure a quality product in a timely manner, no waiting for the next run to come trough – we can also address any warranty matters in a blink of an eye.