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Stinger Blade – Solutions in the making.

The Stinger Blade bolts to the back of a belly dump trailer allowing you to safely  spread gravel at reduced speeds and replaces a push block/stinger with an attached blade to spread and level.

Safely spread gravel while increasing efficiency and saving money.

 Rock Solid Construction

Increase Efficiency

 Save Time & Money
Keep your team and other drivers safe
Increases job productivity by running multiple units without waiting for material to be bladed out.

Stinger Blade Features

Comes with 2 year warranty.

  1. DOT Compliant Impact Guard
  2. HD Air Clinder with control valve
  3. Mounting  Plate bolts to most trailers
  4. Powdercoat Finish
  5. HD Push Block
  6. Impact Brace sheds material
  7. Dual GR70 chain adjustment for multi-height setting
  8. 95″ HD Moldboard with AR450 wear stripe that is also DOT Compliant Impact Guard
  9. Hardened Steel Pins

Stinger Blade

The original GT Spreader was designed and created out of a need to spread aggregated at lower speeds without the investment of a cumbersome cross dump trailer or a grader immediately following.

We took that idea, and through rigorous R&D and testing we put it on steroids and developed the Stinger Blade. It is lighter and stronger than anything out there, it has since advanced into a  cost effective way to involve the Stinger Blade in variety of construction projects requiring a bottom dump trailer from road and parking lot construction to airport runway leveling, to maintaining county and township roads.

Eliminate the dangerous ridges, and risk of lawsuit, in road work and construction by leveling your aggregate as your dump it.

Multiple Dealers Carry These Products.

The Stinger Blade is Patent Pending